Friday, June 29, 2007

Blah, blah, blah...

So, well yeah, I've been neglecting the old blog lately, but that doesn't mean stuff doesn't happen, I've just been too lazy/busy to update here. I bought a laptop computer, which is very fancy. I call him Mr. Packard. I haven't really come around to doing anything with it yet, so it is effectively a Football Manager machine for now. But soon will come a time when I get of my ass and start using for all the important stuff. Like downloading tv shows, and producing bootleg dvd's.

Also on the new purchase list is the latest Paradise Lost album, whch is pretty much fantastic. After much hyped, but ultimately so-so releases from Type O Negative and Nine Inch Nails (and perhaps even Machine Head a bit), PL has pretty much saved my year. And I got a ticket for their show in October.

Roskilde Festival is just around the corner, so apart from doing the laundry and making a Roskilde playlist on Mr. Ipod, I suspect saturday will be spent buying wellingtons and raincoat. I am looking forward to like hell though. Even if I will be sitting in the rain for the entire week, it is stil beer and music, and most importantly, it's not work.

While I do like it here where I live right now, I am looking forward to moving into my new place. I look forward to having cable again, and not least running f*cking water in the kitchen. I have no idea who decided to turn of our water supply, but what a dick he was. The silverlining to having a tv antenna in the room, is that I have discovered the network SBS Net, and not least their two brand spanking new sitcoms Spin City and Fresh Prince. What a revelation!

And I'm going to see the new Die Hard movie, which I have been looking forward to since I realized that cars can fly into helicopters and blow up. I quite enjoyed this Die Hard tribute song, even if it is blatantly promotional. (or so I've read.) Also I like the fact that the leadsing of the band calls himself Guy Manly. Best name since Max Power.

Finally, some dude called TH14 left Arsenal for the spanish campion... well, the almost champions. He was very good, but now he's in spain, and will most likely get injured in the first half of the season as it always happens. As they say in FC Midtjylland; spillere kommer og går, fortet består. I very much doubt that the entire club will implode just because a player and a boardmember isn't there anymore.

If you've read all the way down to here, you're officially bored. Get back to work you slacker!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy - a man after midnight.

A lot can happen over the weekend. Today I accepted a brand spanking new appartment, so I have a place to live from september. It's a bit further out from the city than I could have wished for, but on the other hand it has a lot of cool features, including a sun-deck, and the fanciest kitchen in the world. Now it would just be cool if all my friends took my lead, and moved outthere as well.

The football season is officially over now, with the end of the Spanish league. I expect a lot of transfer rumours in the next week, especially now that Barcelona threw away the championship. Katie Holmes was apparently at the Bernabeau, and she looks like she's 60 years old.

People who hate stuff are always amusing, and so is this article.

And finally a small congrats to AGF who were promoted today, only so they can be relegated again next year.

Btw, can somebody please direct me to the page where Leicester fans have made songs about Jimmy Nielsen?

Friday, June 15, 2007


I've just returned from my first ever business trip. Unfortunately there's not really a lot to see in Fredericia - though I did find the place where local Arsenal fans gather to celebrate great victories. Or so I believe, anyway. Apart from that I spent most of my time in my four star hotel room watching sit-coms and the Hitch on Tv1000. Not a good movie.

Thierry Henry leaving Arsenal? Unpossible is that!

Friday, June 08, 2007

I ran into a bona fide zombie on my way home from work tonight. As I passed him outside of 7/11 he stopped walking, or dangling or what they do, looked at me with a very confused expression, and let out a dismayed "eeeerrggh" groan. He was however a very dumb zombie, as he didn't seem to realize that eating my brains is the only way to numb his pain. So I just walked on by.

Apart from the zombies, and junkies/alcoholics that hang out on Nørrealle, I really love the area where I'm living for now. It's the nicest, coolest part of Århus, and if I had all the money in the world I would buy a place right here. Too bad I don't, and I probably won't be staying here for long.

Oh, and the Spot festival was pretty good, and I wrote a couple of reviews that can be found at Gaffa's website. (Hatesphere, Viva Vertigo, Deltahead and The Psyke Project.) They average at 3,75 stars out of 6, which is okay, but definitely not as generous as some of the other reviewers.

Also, Half Nelson is a very good movie, with great acting. Mojn.

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