Saturday, September 15, 2007

So, yeah, sorry about the lack of updates. A lot of shit has happened since last time, none of which is really important. A lot of moving stuff around, and hopefully I'll find my home for the next couple of years, this very sunday. In the meantime it's all about Arsenal vs. Spurs tomorrow.

In more relevant news, www.frekvens.dk has been revitalized and is finally up n' running the way God intended it to. So please do go have a look, and leave a comment. Remember, the more often you visit, the better our self esteem gets, and the better our self esteem gets, the closer we get to world domination.

Returning to footie, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow (technically today), even though our stats at Shite Heart Lane aren't immaculate by a long shot. A couple of goals from midfield, my money is on Hleb, should shut them up, and no matter how you twist and turn it, our perfomances this year have been nothing short of impressive.

Hopefully one of these days I'll get the chance to sit down and explain to the world why "licens" is crap and why Tom Waits is rubbish, but I can't be arsed right now. But I promise that even though there won't be regular updates for a while (stupid moving around), this blog is not dead. As Mark Twain once said: Sp*rs are c*nts." How right he was...

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