Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh, to fight is to defend....

Q: Is it ever okay to condone violence?

A: Yes, I believe it was okay today. I do realize that as a football spectator, watching it on the telly, you can become strangely detatched, and tend to forget that those are real people out there. That being said, I cheered loudly when Fabregas flew boots first into Gamst Pedersen, afterwhich he quite obviously had a bit of a laugh, while said Norwegian was writhing in pain.
For most of the game Blackburn had applied their bully tactics, as they always do against Arsenal, and the ref seemed to have lost control of them - even if they did get quite a few cards. Having been kicked and pushed all day, it was almost beautiful to see Fab exert his revenge, only seconds after having been kicked in the head by Gamst.
It reminded me of the song Fight Test by The Flaming Lips:

Oh, to fight is to defend, if it's not now, then tell me when would be the time that you would stand up and be a man - for to lose I could accept, but to surrender - I just wept and regretted this moment.

It was nice to see the kids step up, and demonstrate that they were no pushovers. Although only just out of his teens, Fab has started to give as good as he takes. And that, in my simple opinion, shows desire and commitment in bucket loads.

On a completely different note, I'll once again recommend T-H's (who has also adopted Arsenal to be his club) weblog. It's an interesting read.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Football Time Again

Yay, it's almost time for some proper footie again. I've got my dreamteam sorted out, and soon I will start betting money like a crazy person. In the meantime, here's some good old english footie humour, featuring Hitler, who apparently supports Sheffield Utd.

Also, I finally got around to watching the highly overrated Children of Men, and it's.... well, highly overrated.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Things are happening... perhaps.

I don't recall if I have mentioned it, but i bought a new laptop computer recently. I have of course already managed to trash the keypad, first with the aid of some diet coke, and again in the frantic drying session that followed.
The end result is that the backwards arrow key is completely out of order, and the Num Lock key has fallen of - yet still works. The space bar takes a bit more pressure than before, and the Alt and H keys are kinda wobly. Is there any way to fix stuff like this? I have no clue. I could send it back to the shop, but I dont want to go without a computer, for what will probably be ages. Somebody help me, please.

My regular go-to-guy, when dealing with computer issues, is in Africa right now, and is writing what Kasmir may refer to as a Travelblogue, called beautyof.dk.

There is, as the headline suggests, some things going on right now, but I don't want to get in to them as of yet because of different uncertainties. Small, but overall positive things. For once.

Uhhh, and I recently found season 1 of Sledge Hammer! on dvd, which is extremely silly, and somewhat different than I remember it. Still a good laugh though.

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