Thursday, June 22, 2006

Again and again and again...

Jaaah, the Alice in Chains concert was pretty much everything I could have wished for. Probably one of the best shows I have ever seen. There's a very good review on Gaffa, in danish. It was one highlight after another, but if I had to mention two it would be Corey taylor from Slipknot singing Again, and Lars Ulrich playing on Man in the Box.
For a couple of days I was scared that I had done some serious damage to my left ear, but it's pretty much back to narmal now, although hearing has never been my strong side.

Tomorrow it's Skt. Hans, with everything that goes with that; burgers, beer and concerts. And then Monday I'll be heading for the dusty field in Roskilde. Not too shabby.

Following a couple of dissapointing games, and a lot of missed ones due to working in the shop, I'm recovering from my case of World Cup Fever. So now I just hope that Spain, Germany or Argentina win it, and that USA and Australia go reasonably far. I pretty much just hope that somebody kicks Brazil's arse thoroughly, since they're overrated and crap. The Pink Floyd of football.

Monday, June 12, 2006

First lets get something to eat.

I handed in my last ever 20 page paper for school, and I have to say it's a nice feeling. Fish and chip of my shoulder. Now i just hope that it'll pass, because it really was not very good. And it was quite rushed. Fingers crossed and knock on wood.

When I haven't been feeling guilty about my crappy paper I've been watching a lot of World Cup footie, and it's quite brilliant! After the first round, when I've seen every team, I think I'll try to make a prioritized list of the teams I am going to support. It really is a shame that neither Denmark nor Ireland are there.

Speaking od Ireland, I'm a bit ambivalent about Roy Keane retiring. On one hand I would never wish for a guy to be so injured he couldn't play again, but on the other handI'm very pleased he won't play for Celtic again. He wil forever be a Manchester Utd player to me, and a bit of a bastard.

For now, and the next couple of days, I suspect the programme goes something like: Sleep, beer, football, sun, more beer, sleep, decompress, and then Monday Alice in Chains in Copenhagen. Dare I say: Yippee yippee???
If it hadn't been for that stupid speciale, this could have been my Summer of George.

PS: I've been trying to find the lyrics to Aluminium by Walking Concert, because it is the official feelgood hit of the summer. And because as far as I can hear it makes very little sense. Bu alas, it's not on the internet. Which ought to be unpossible!

Friday, June 09, 2006

The thoroughly modern moustache? Finally! That's what I've been saying for years.

*Update: Show love for the 'stache for only £14.99.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Unfortunately I haven't been a very good blogger for a while, with the Spot Festival and doing absolutely nothing while trying to get started on my paper consuming most of my time. Luckily one of my friends sent me these links, which I will then post for your viewing pleasure.

Unintentionally gay music videos.
And some dude making a The Thing costume out of, well, rock. - Just when we thought the internet had run out of stupid-ass ideas....

Uh-oh, Depche Mode on Wednesday. Dare I say Yippeee???!

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