Thursday, February 23, 2006

Champions League Extravaganza.

Hurray, finally there's some fantastic footie action going on, that's actually worth wasting my time on. Arsenal played arguably the best football of the season, and the best european game since that night in Milano against Inter. Unfortunately I don't know a lot of Real Madrid faithfuls, so that takes away a bit of the fun.

Chelsea, however, lost to Barca, which is funny. Not that there's any shame in losing to the best team in he world right now, it's just great to see Mourinho crying like a little baby, making excuses like “The kid jumps and provokes contact with Del Horno and because of that the referee gives a red card", completely discarding the facts that a) Del Horno was a full yard away from the ball when clattering Messi, and b) Seconds before Messi decided to wipe his butt with Robben, Del Horny tried to make a pretty nasty tackle on Messi, but somehow missed. If those are not signals of intent then, well, bugger me with a lit cigar. The fans are apparently also a bit angry about the whole thing. I especially like the sentence: It was a shocking decision and UEFA should partially redeem matters by declaring the card null and void. Don't hold your breath, after all we're not a G14 club are we?" -Extremely whiny words from the second richest club in the world. Again, they don't seem to care that Terry later tried to dry-hump a Barca player, in the penalty area, whilst handling the ball. But fair game to them, we all get a bit biased now and then.

Suddenly there a bit of dignity to the guy at work who hung up a Liverpool banner Wednesday morning, saying: We only lost 1-0, so we're as good as through...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Gotta Have More Cowbell, Baby.

I've been watching the Chronicles of Narnia Rap and the More Cowbell videos today, and I have to admit their both still brilliant.

I've been using Pandora for a while, and even though it's a bit hit/miss I think it's quite cool. I've been dicovering some cool songs that I hadn't heard before, including Maureen by FOW, which is quickly becoming a FOW favorite, and Cheap Sunglasses from Radio Soulwax Essential Mix which mixes ZZ Top with Jay-Z's 99 Problems. If you can find it anywhere it's worthwhile. (And please give me a copy...)

Also I'm now on the Ronnie Atkins-diet, which is a lot like the regular Atkins diet, except with a couple of beers now and then, just for good meassure.

I think that's it for now.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Warning: This is only (marginally) funny if you speak Danish!

If you want an energetic footballer, based on his last name I think this is your guy.

That's it for today, good night...

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I was just out for some Diet Coke, when I realized that my local kiosk is actually selling the Dianetics book, which of course is some of the basis for Scientology. It struck me as kind of weird that if the shopkeeper was in fact a scientologist, and was able to command the full potential of his mind, isn't it a bit sad that he's spending his thursday nights selling Diet Coke to assholes like me? Shouldn't he be out stopping wars, or even better, shoudn't he be out making movies? Shouldn't he at least have some basic knowledge of the Danish language?

And anyway, who walks into a shop going: "Hi, can I have a diet coke, some Polos, eh, a newspaper, one of the glossy ones please, and the key to tapping into the last 90% of my mental potential, which my fellow people seem unable to."

Anyway, I've been surfing around Amazon for a couple of minutes, and it struck me that the user-reviews for books like Dianetics, The Koran, and the Bible indicate that people either love them or hate them. The best one I found was for The Holy Bible, and I have thus decided to steal the entire thing:

"Could Use a Sequal...
As a book 'The Bible' starts well, but you soon find yourself bogged down in the backstory and unable to grasp everything before you end up launched into the main plot almost half way through the novel.
As the main storyline goes there's not much to distinguish 'The Bible' from many other mainstream works of fiction or fantasy, there's betrayal, war, death, birth and lots of moral messages (some of which tend to contradict each other) but it's enjoyable to read. Unfortunately the ending is a little forced and almost seems like the whole 'End of the World' thing was tacked on to make the book sell. That said, however, it does show a good impression of Armageddon, though it does get a bit biblical in places.
I would recommend that younger readers be warned away from this book as, from the way it is written, they may have a tendancy to take it literally. Also there is a lot of sex (or 'Begatting') only a few chapters into the story. Overall the whole thing could use a sequel to tie up all the plot holes and contradictions, but it's still an enjoyable read.
If you loved this, try reading 'The Koran', it's a laugh-a-minute riot of a novel!"

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Golfing Rebel, or a Rebellious Golfer?

I've never really had the need to have a favorite golfer before, but now that Ian Poulter has taken to wearing his very fashionable Arsenal shirt, he obviously has to be it. He didn't get fined for it, btw, which is a bit of a shame, since that would make it seem way more rebellious.

Also I'm happy to report that I passed both the papers I handed in in January. I actually managed to get another 10, which makes that two for two this semester. That has never happened before, and is very unikely to happen again, since I only have one exam, and my speciale, left. It would be nice though.

And Soulwax are playing in Copenhagen this May, which is perhaps even better news! Apparently it's free, and sponsered by Lee Jeans, and I have a weird feeling it will somehow go wrong. We'll see about that.

Also it has been confirmed that I will go see Fear Factory when they hit Aarhus in March. Incidentally it's 10 years ago that I saw them for the first time, at Roskilde '96, but I think they pretty much sound the same.

It' been a very nice day overall, and right now I'm listening to the quite brilliant Diefenbach album which I got for my birthday. Hopefully Arsenal will end this day in style by thrashing West Ham. I'm strangely optimistic.

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