Friday, October 28, 2005

Arguing on IMDB is like running in the Special Olympics.
Even if you win, you're still retarded.

I'm watching American Dad right now, and it's nowhere as fun as Family Guy. But on the plus side it made me enter the IMDB messageboard where I stumbled upon some funny stuff. This picture is pretty uncanny, eventhough it is unfortunately a fake.

I'm going to see Louisville play at Gyngen tonight, and then it's early home and get a good nights sleep, before it's up at an unreasonably early hour and get a plane to London. Hopefully we'll be settled in in time to go to Islington, find a pub and watch the north London derby at 1pm. I'm tired already.

And I've been working at my new job the last two days, and so far it has been very nice, and they seem like a good crowd. Yesterday we went to a restaurant, and afterwards we saw Mads Langer at Musiccafeen. Pretty good, even though I could do without his U2 cover.

Oh, and my study group had a meeting with Danish director Jon Bang Carlsen today, which went extremely well, and he totally greenlighted the script for our next short film. Very cool.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Freedom Fries avec Mayo, oui?

So, Belgium is a weird country, or at least Brussels is. Weird in a good way. I had a very nice trip, thank you very much, but there really wasn't very much to see. At best it is a very postmodern city, where old, old churches are standing in the shade of new office buildings. And of course the only real bona fide tourist attraction I knew, the Manneken Pis, was covered up as it was being cleaned and restored, or something to that effect.
At the same time it was interesting to see the European Parliament, and not least how all the Eurocrats went out to the nearby bars at 6pm on fridays. And the beers, oh Lord the beers. There are to many to mention, but Kwak and Grimbergen Dubbel deserve honorable mentions. And if there ever was one that could knock you out and make you wake up the next day with an intense hangover, crucified on the top of a hill, I suspect it would be this one.
Oh well, now, dozens of trays of French fries with perverse quantities of mayo later, I'm back in Denmark, and life seems to go on in an orderly fashion. I've been doing absolutely nothing, except playing Fifa06 since I got back.

And what is up with football? Rommedahl scored a matchwinner and Pires made the biggest hash of a penalty in the history of hash. I'm flabbergasted! My gast is completely flabbered.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The King is Back!

(Stuff about Belgium tomorrow...)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

... and just when I thought Belgium was all about waffles and beer, it turns out that they are really into bombing the sh*t out of smurfs! How incredibly bizarre. Now I can't wait to go there...

We put the fun in Funeral.

I bought "Funeral" by Arcade Fire yesterday. It's so pretentious that it screams to high heaven. Luckily it is also very good indeed, and I suspect it will gain new dimensions in the discman, as opposed to on my very tiny stereo.

I'm leaving for the mean streets of Bruxelles today, which I'm looking very much forward to. Unfortunately that means I will miss today's football action, when Denmark finally make it clear that they won't play at next years World Cup. If, however, you want to support our Albanian friends, or piss off a Turkish guy you should go here and learn some handy phrases.

BT also has an incredibly funny, in a sad sad way, article about Woody Woodgate and his almost quixotic trials in Real Madrid. The Sun is running the same story (but in English, obviously) yet they fail to realize it's full comedic potential.

See you on the other side...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

After losing her deal with H&M I'm personally very pleased to see Kate Moss bounce right back on the scene, as the new spokesperson for Escobar-Brand Baking Soda. Here's a picture from the campaign launch. With a little bit of luck, this might be the step to revitalize her career, and perhaps even reunite her with Pete Doherty. I know my fingers are crossed.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Out of exile? Into exile.

Right now now I'm hanging out at my parents' place, and it would actually be silly going out tonight. For the first time in years, there's actually a glut of quality tv going on tonight. DR2 are showing the documentary DIG, which I'm really looking forward to, there's Extras on Norwegian tv, and possibly The Daily Show on CNN. We may even have to get the VCR running to tape Extras. Amazing!
There's also a programme right now where 'celebrities' are singing showtunes, and for some reason I suspect that Bjørn Lomborg may have an edge over the others. He seems like he can carry a tune.

Uh, and I've joined the Frekvens team, and posted my first tidbit of news today.

And is it me or is that CC Deville on Colbert's blog, and what in earth is he doing there? Maybe Colbert is the real Unskinny Bob? We'll probably never know. Perhaps his Mama don't dance and his daddy don't rock n' roll.

Whatever the case is, I feel safe in the knowledge that this time next week I'll be eating waffles and drinking Leffe. Can't wait.

Oh, and I hope Jørgen Leth gets locked up, so he can finally realize his dream project "Det Autoerotiske Menneske." On the plus side that movie can't cost the state 450.000 dkr.

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