Sunday, July 31, 2005

If he'd known about the way they burnt witches and that, Jesus would have been mad. But if Jesus had seen U2 he'd be very mad indeed. Jesus Would Throw Bottles at U2.

Am I the only one getting a bit tired of hearig about U2? Does this qualify as news?

Meanwhile, I am considering making an appearance at Danmarks Grimmeste Festival. So if any of the usual suspects want to join the fun, please let me know...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Each time you curse at girls, you curse a little at yourself.

So, what have I been doing lately? Saw Batman. The movie - not the man. The new movie that is, and from now and on it shall be known as the second best Batman flick so far. I still think Tim Burton's first one was better, but maybe it's just nostalgia talking.

And then out of nowhere, I started reading 'The Book'. What the heck, all the other kids are doing it, I thought to myself. Eventhough I hate to admit it it was very entertaining, and I ended up reading it in less than 48 hours. It should be noted however, that there wasn't anything on tv, and I had little else to do. Why I keep apologizing I don't know...

Tomorrow I'll go see I Heart Huckabees, which has by far the weirdest homepage a movie ever had. Oh, the indietegrity!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Good ol' fashioned black metal fun.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Boom Goes The Dynamite.

After seeing the Boom Goes the Dynamite- kid on the Letterman show yesterday, I thought I would share it with you. So here it is, and you even get a bit of follow-up. and a bit here.

John referred me to the video of Leeroy playing World of Warcraft with his friends. Also pretty funny stuff.

And in the tradition of leaving on a highnote, this little piece of stupidity had me laughing so hard I almost had an accident.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Is That Water Running Out of Your Nose?

I'm not exactly sure how this has happened, but during this years hottest week, I have managed to get a very nasty cold. This quite obviously sucks, because I most probably have to cancel all my plans for this weekend. Crap.

Other crap news is that Arsenal have sold Vieira. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, I'm not quite sure. But I've always said that if the players don't want to play for Arsenal anymore, they should be sold in a hurry. And I think the generel opinion is that Vieira hasn't been fully committed to the club for a while.

I need one of these!

I haven't really got anything interesting to say right now, since I've been in bed for the last 24 hrs. But one of these days I'll get around to revising my top 50 albums, since I have totally forgotten a couple of albums, including United by Faith, Summerteeth and Pack Up the Cats. And I'm sure we all know how wrong that is!

Bad Timing?

KRAMER: The Andrea Doria collided with the Stockholm in dense fog 21 miles off the coast of Nantucket.

GEORGE: How do you know?

KRAMER: it's in my book - "Astonishing Tales of the Sea". 51 people died.

GEORGE: 51 people?!

KRAMER: That's it?!

GEORGE: I thought it was, like, a thousand!

KRAMER: There were 1,650 survivors.

GEORGE: That's no tragedy! How many people do you lose on a normal cruse? 30? 40?!

I Wonder if it was a good decision to air The Andrea Doria episode of Seinfeld today? Actually, I don't really care too much, and it is obviously a coincidence, but with the similarities between the number of casualties I could see how some people might be offended. I just thought it was a weird coincidence...

Monday, July 04, 2005

Top 50 Records.

One of the big talking points at Roskilde was Nicki's top 50 albums list, which can be found over at Dennis' blog. So I've decided to make my own list, original as I am. I have made this list from memory alone, since I am not in reach om my CD collection right now, which explains why I have probably left some or other cd out. The criterias were that they had to be albums I knew by heart, so I couldn't just throw in something like Revolver, because I honestly don't know which songs are on that, I just know that it is usually on these kinds of lists. Another criteria was that live records were ok, but compilations were not allowed, which explains why Duran Duran, Gangway, Ramones etc are not on the list.
So without further ado, here are my to 50 albums list:

1. Megadeth: Countdown to Extinction
2. Alice in Chains: Dirt
3. Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile
4. Ac/Dc: Back in Black
5. Suicidal Tendencies: The Art of Rebellion
6. Type O Negative: Bloody Kisses
7. Metallica: Master of Puppets
8. Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
9. Queens of the Stone Age: Rated R
10. Eels: Electroshock Blues
11. Local H: As Good as Dead
12. Eels: Beautiful Freak
13. Paradise Lost: Icon
14. Metallica: …And Justice for All
15. Muse: Origin of Symmetry
16. Guns n’ Roses: Appetite for Destruction
17. Filter: Title of Record
18. Paradise Lost: Draconian Times
19. Pete Yorn: Music for the Morning After
20. Soundgarden: Superunknown
21. Type O Negative: World Coming Down
22. Nirvana: Nevermind
23. Pantera: Vulgar Display of Power
24. Alice in Chains: Unplugged
25. Soulwax: Much Against Everyone’s Advice
26. Fountains of Wayne: Utopia Parkway
27. Deftones: White Pony
28. Therapy?: Troublegum
29. Pantera: Cowboys From Hell
30. Corrosion of Conformity: Wiseblood
31. Machine Head: Burn My Eyes
32. Black Sabbath: Paranoid
33. Queens of the Stone Age: Songs for the Deaf
34. Alice in Chains: Facelift
35. Iron Maiden: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
36. Slipknot: Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)
37. Pearl Jam: Vs.
38. Ben Folds Five: Whatever and Ever Amen
39. Atomic Swing: Carcrash in the Blue
40. Ed Harcourt: From Every Sphere
41. Foo Fighters: Foo Fighters
42. Blur: Parklife
43. Depeche Mode: Music for the Masses
44. Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast
45. Ac/Dc: Live (’92)
46. Guns n’ Roses: Use Your Illusion I
47. At The Gates: Slaughter of the Soul
48. Wildhearts: P.H.U.Q
49. Doves: The Last Broadcast
50. Elliot Smith: Figure 8

To sum up:
Non metal cd's: 24
Danish cd's: 0
American cd's: 35
British cd's: 11

Now let the bashing of my taste, or lack there of begin...

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

That's a quote from Berthold Auerbach, and I have to say that he was only about partially right.
I have just returned from this year's Roskilde Festival, where for once we had brilliant weather. But of course the combination of high sun and 65.000 people means that the air consists of about 50% dust. And dustclouds and sunblock is just about the safest way to get extremely dirty.
But a good time was had by all, although I can feel that my body is getting a bit to old for consecutive days of drinking, and watching four concerts in a day and then go sleeping on the ground. Anyway, here's a list of the bands I saw, with small comments, because I can't be arsed to write any reviews:

Athlete (Pretty good, better than their singles)
Velvet Revolver (Very good show, Weiland is extremely cool, good cover songs)
Kent (I'm not a big fan, but it was a good show)

The Ponys (Didn't do much for me. Their bassist could not hit a clean note if she got payed for it. Which I suppose she did)
The Haunted (Heard most of the show from outside the tent, but it sounded like a good show)
Snoop Dogg (Saw 5 or 6 shows and he is the P.I.M.P. Good show. Went over to see Håkon H)
Håkon Hellstrøm (Saw 2 songs - sucked. The other guys liked it, so I'm probably wrong)
Audioslave (Extremely cool, especially cover versions of Black Hole Sun and Killing in the Name and Bulls on Parade)
Black Sabbath (Brilliant. Not quite as brilliant as in '98, but still brilliant)

Fantomas (Saw couple of songs. Noisy)
Jimmy Eat World (Brilliant, energetic performance)
Foo Fighters (Surprisingly mediocre, too long jams, but still very entertaining)
Outlandish (Saw 2 songs. It wasn't for me)
Green Day (Very good, maybe a bit too long. And too many sing alongs and too many gimmicks)
Duran Duran (Old songs great, new songs not so much. Played White Lines)

Mercenary (Good show, very loud, and very enthusiastic crowd, especially for a show at Sunday noon)
The Futureheads (Went out for a burger after a couple of songs. The burger was better than the show)
The Faint (Only saw couple of songs, but it sounded pretty good. Very 80's)
Bloc Party (very good show mostly because of cool leadsinger. Justified a bit of the hype)

Now I'm looking forward to a couple of days rest. After 2 showers I'm about as clean as I get, but I have to say that my soul still feels pretty dusty from the trip.

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