Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I got this list e-mailed from a friend, and I thought it was pretty funny. Mostly because I don't live in America. But here goes:

Things to do before the inauguration of George W. Bush
as second-term President, on January 20, 2005.

Get that abortion you've always wanted
Drink a nice clean glass of water.
Cash your Social Security check
Spend quality time with your draft age child/grandchild
Visit Europe, or any foreign country anywhere for that matter
Get that gas mask you've been putting off buying.
Hoard gasoline
Borrow books from library before they're banned - Constitutional law books, Catcher in the Rye, Harry Potter, Tropic of Cancer, etc
If you have an idea for an art piece involving a crucifix - do it now
Come out of the closet - then go back in - HURRY!
Jam in all the Alzheimer's stem cell research you can.
Stay out late before the curfews start.
Go see Bruce Springsteen before he has his "accident".
Go see Mount Rushmore before the Reagan addition.
Use the phrase - "you can't do that - this is America".
Enroll your kid in an accelerated art or music class.
Start your school day without a prayer.
Pass on the secrets of evolution to future generations.
Learn French.
Attend a commitment ceremony with your gay friends.
Try to take photographs of animals on the endangered species list
Visit Florida before the polar ice caps melt.
Visit Nevada before it becomes radioactive.
Visit Alaska before "The Big Spill".
Visit Massachusetts while it is still a State.

I don't know who wrote it originally, but big props to whoever it was. Please don't sue me for copyright infringements.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

So, merry Christmas everybody, and a Festivus for the rest of us.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Gaylord Focker...

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

'tis the season to be jolly...

It's been a bit quiet here lately, in part because I haven't had anything to say, and partly because my monitor died. But my very kind father came by with their old monitor, so now order has been restored.

It's only 10.30 AM, but so far it's been a very nice day for me, safe in the knowledge that I don't have to think about school for a while. So today has been all about listening to some nice music (Sugarbabes' Overload and Machine Head's excellent version of Negative Creep). All this will change in a few minutes when I go down to buy Christmas gifts. I don't wan't to get all Scrooge-y about it, but I absolutely hate being downtown when it's crowded. Humbug!

Later it's the big Christmas Party in my dorm, so hopefully I'll get my shopping done today, so I don't have to go again tomorrow, when my head is trying to kill me with the cunning use of snaps. *Gah*

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I've been neglecting the ol' blogosphere a bit lately, but then again, there's not very much to say these days. Our movie is about done, and will premiere tomorrow.

It turns out that Zach Braff, the star of Scrubs, has his own blog,(via Charlotte) which just made blogs a wee bit nerdier, and that his new movie Garden State is getting great reviews. Knowing the Danish movietheatres, I'll probably have to wait for it to go straight for DVD.

Apart from that, I've got nothing... except, what the hell are Everton doing at number two?

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Darrell Abbott 20/8/66 - 9/12/04 Posted by Hello

How can some guy jump the stage and start shooting his gun? It just doesn't make any sense. I don't want to go into elaborate writing about this, but I'll just state that the untimely death of of Dimebag Darrell Abbott is a huge tragedy, and that he was one of my favorite guitarplayers of all time. Vulgar Display of Power pretty much changed the way I listened to music, and, maybe just as important, how cool exactly one band could be. How anyone could ever do this will forever be a riddle to me.


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

False Modesty is the Worst Kind of Vanity.

Local football team, AGF, are not allowed to buy Swedish prettyboy Tobias Grahn, because their economy is, well, non-existant. You could of course argue that they're economy won't get any better if they sell the one player that keeps them from being in the bottom of the league, but I doubt the Danish FA care much for that kind of reasoning.
AGF generally have a bit of trouble finding investors, and honestly I'm not surprised. I imagine investing in AGF is a lot like giving money to a homeless person; you know that they'll just blow it all on something stupid, and in 5 minutes they're broke again and back on the street begging. So, in yet another way, AGF is the big ugly bum of Danish football.

I have decided to create a 'vanity-blog' dedicated to our movie projects, called La Mancha Films. It seems that all our movieprojects have a tendency to go down the drain, much like Terry Gilliams' version of Don Quixote. So I figured that at least I could have a bit of fun with it.

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