Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Rock n' Roll All Night and Part of Every Day.

Normally I'm anything but spontane, but today some of my friends asked me if I wanted to come with them to Rome, and instead of thinking it to death I just said sure and bought a ticket. So now it appears I'll be going to Rome for a week in Febuary, which will probably be great. I haven't been to Italy for ages, actually the last time I went More Than Words was the biggest hit of the summer, and they played Cut n' Move on the radio.

Yesterday we went to a great, big rock n roll party, arranged by the lovely people at Sway, and I'm glad to say that the local underground is alive and kicking. Especially Magnified Eye and Burning Primitive were really good.

Today I went down to a café to see one of my friends play his debut concert which also went really well. There are no traces of him on the internet, except for this which I imagine is a bit outdated, but I did find a homepage where someone has stolen his nickname. How rude!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I know Sir John will go, though he was sure it would rain cats and dogs.

When it rains it pours, and right now it is raining cats and dogs. The Danish summer is officially dead, gone and over.

I have now ordered the new Soulwax album, which should arrive in a couple of days. If you want to check out their new single, and video, you should be able to find it here.

D'Urso is, as they say, D'Urso, and this is the dumbest thing a ref can ever do. Even D'Urso.

"The right to bear arms is slightly less ludicrous than the right to arm bears." - A funny roundup of jokes from a stand-up festival in Edinburgh. [stolen from Lasse]

If you live in Aarhus, think about checking this out.

Everyone who knows me knows that if a football player gets on one of my dreamteams, it is effectively a kiss of death to his career. And so, in that great tradition, my topscorer in the Danish league, has decided to pack up the cats and move to the Spanish 2. Division.
Meanwhile, most of my other players have failed to open their goalscoring accounts, and I am therefore dead-last in both our Danish and English league. Still I have to say that English football is still the secondbest thing to actually having a life.

And when do I learn never to put money on Liverpool? Jebus...

Friday, August 20, 2004

What the Doctor Ordered.

Aaaargh, as always I'm having a bit of computer problems, but hopefully it's under control now that I have beefed up the security with "Zone alarm". And in an attempt to drag my nerd-status to the cutting edge, I also installed Firefox.
Also, I have realised that the thing holding me back from being a great author, is in fact my writing. Hemmingway never, to my knowledge, started a chapter with "aaargh".

One of the weird things about being on Fanø was all the German tv-stations we had. German tv, for those who don't know, is incredibly poor. So we generally zapped between CNN and VIVA, and on the way between them we stumbled across more commercials for phonesex with "gejle omas", than I ever care to think of again. I am not one to judge people, but that is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen in my life. Really.

Luckily we also stumbled across a quite brilliant show called Travel Sick. It was one of those Jackass spin off shows, but with a realy funny host, and the challenges he had to face was a lot more quirky because they were based on where he was in the world. In Hong Kong he had to perform a John Woo-style stunt, put a cobra down his pants and kick a kung fu champion in the nuts. Good stuff!

I've seen The Punisher and Taking Lives recently, and they're both so formulaic and packed with clichés that it almost hurts. Taking Lives was at least pretty entertaining, while Punisher was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. During Taking Lives I actually caught myself wondering about the result in Arsenal's game on Sunday. I reached the conclusion that since Middlesboro are probably better than last year we'll win 3-2, as opposed to 4-1 last year. Now you know - place your bets.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Fanø 2004.

I have just returned from the Danish island Fanø, where I hung out with my two good old friends Eddie Vedder and John Fogerty.
The weather was a bit crap, so unfortunately there wasn't much point in spending too much time on the beach. And I didn't get out to track down Johnny Madsen, but still overall a good time was had by all.
I've been feeling a bit under the weather for the last couple of days, so I guess I'll make a real update later. Posted by Hello

Monday, August 09, 2004

Random Thoughts.

Have you ever noticed how some sports have really great names, and some have stupid names? Handball for example is a good name, because you play it using your hands and a ball. Football is also pretty good name, even though it should be called "foot and sometimes hands-ball". Racketball is also a very apt name. Tennis, however, is a rather silly name for what should be called racketball as well. Then it could be called "racket and net-ball". Badminton is another case of a name that was obviousely made up on the spot. I propose that it be called "racket and net-ball, only with a weird feathery ball" in the future. Ping-pong is also a silly name. I guess it's supposed to resemble the sound it makes when you play it, but the fact is it only says "ping-pong" when you serve; from then on it's all pongs until someone miss the table and you start over. It should be called "table-racket and net-ball", or possibly "table, bat and net-ball". The biggest misnomer is probably football, as the Americans play it. The truth about American football is it is only "football for one person on each teams, and handball for the rest, and without a real ball, instead using a ball that's shaped kinda like an egg". Actually the Americans are generally weird about sportsnames, since they also call "foot and sometimes hands-ball" soccer, which is another name that doesn't mean anything. How very strange.

If all goes according to plan, I will go to Fanø later this week. When you go to Fanø, there's 3 things you must bring: some string, a Hancock beer and a hammer. You then tie the string around the neck of the beerbottle, and drag it acroos the island. When you thereby succeed in luring Johnny Madsen out of his hiding place, it's time to whack him on the head with your hammer, thereby acquiring your very own singer-songwriter. Very clever.

Do you know when people say they've slept all day, and then it turns out they only slept for like half of it? I for one slept all day in the literal sense, and here at 3am I am very awake. How very boring.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

It's A Long Way To The Top...

Well, today we learned that Danish football is probably even worse than we thought. Even though we never had any high thoughts about it to begin with. Danish champions FCK lost 5-0 to Gorica, who I had never heard of before the first game. I think the Danish newspaper said it best: Toppen har aldrig været længere væk. Ikke bare for FCK, men for dansk fodbold i hele taget. (I can't be arsed to translate right now, but it isn't good!)

Though I am not a big fan of Radiohead, this is pretty cool. [via Angela]

Jon Stewart is alway funny, and this is really funny. And is it me or does that Maya Angelou look kinda scary?

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Snobness is next to Godliness

The lock to our shower is broken. Normally that's not a big problem because people can hear if the water is running, and thus don't barge in on you when your standing in your birthday suit. The other day, however, as I was drying myself, the cleaning-guy barged in. It wasn't the regular guy, but apparently a temp or something, so I figured he couldn't know the lock was broken and I very politely asked him to piss off. Later I learned that he had done the same thing the previous day, walking in on a girl who lives here while she was showering.
That really pisses me off! Here I've been trying to see her naked for three years, and then he just waltzes in on his first day. What a bastard!

I've been at the Zulu-bio today and yesterday, seeing Phonebooth and Intolerable Cruelty. Especially the latter was surprisingly good, which shouldn't really be a surprise since George Clooney and the Coen brothers is a proven winning combination. And it even featured a blink and miss cameo by Bruce Campbell, which made me laugh in a nerdy kind of way. (I think I was the only one who recognized him.)

Charlotte has some insightful things to say about being a snob, and I have to say agree on all counts, except people aren't allowed to hate the things I like.

And it's nice to see that everybody is back to regular blogging.

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