Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Dream is Dead.
Well Denmark crashed out of the European Championship tonight. The only upside is that I have money on the Czechs going home with the trophy, though not enough money to really matter a lot.

Soon I will be heading off to the Eternal Sunshine of the Mudless Dyreskueplads. Hopefully the weather will change for the better very soon, or else it will be wet, muddy and dirty affair. Still the prospect of seing Muse and Franz Ferdinand should be enough to keep me going.

Every now and then I read the Boondocks, and they have certainly taken a turn for the better lately ever since they kidnapped Ralph Nader...

The Arsenal fixturelist has been published.
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Friday, June 25, 2004

Oh, it's on...

It's been an actionpacked couple of days. Denmark drew against Sweden, which of course left the Italians crying like big babies, blaming everybody but themselves. Celebrations ensued.
Yesterday was the annual party at the University Park, this year featuring a surprisingly good performance by Insidious Törment.
Today I saw the horribly ordinary Secret Window. The film is so packed with flaws and clichés, that it's a mystery how people ever agreed to do it. Save your money, and then rent David Koepp's previous movie Stir of Echoes, which is way better.
And then of course England and Portugal played one of the most exciting games of Euro 2004, which also served as a lesson in constructive substitutions and how not to do it. And Goldenballs missed his 3rd consecutive penalty, which ended a miserable season for him.

There's a good interview in Rolling Stone with Wilco, and an interview with Muse here.

And I didn't want to jinx it, but it appears I will be working at this years Roskilde Festival. First it was on, then it was uncertain, then it was off, but now it seems it's back to on. Nice!

Monday, June 21, 2004


Must see ASAP.

Try not to laugh at Spaniards.

Write letter full of foul language to these plonkers, who still haven't sent me the shirt we ordered months ago.

Figure out why people love this album so much. (I don't get it!)

Must hear this.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

This is our local Social Democratic candidate to the European Parliament. When he is not busy trying to get Europe back on its foot, he is also the lead singer of the successful nü-metal band Linkin PannyPosted by Hello

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Teenage angst has paid off well
Now I'm bored and old.

I've been a bit of a teenager the last couple of days; staying at my parents', listening to Slipknot and reading A Catcher in the Rye. I had heard a lot of good things about Catcher, it's one of those books that still spark a tiny bit of controversy in American schools because of its language, and even Ace of Base has a reference to it in a song, so it seemed like something I ought to read. It was actually pretty good, I managed to read it in a day and still catch two games of football, I just wish I had read it a couple of years ago. I'm sure the impact would have been significantly bigger.

In football news, Totti got a three match ban for his part in Projectile-Saliva-Gate(tm). He then went on to cry like a baby and said: "I don't recognise myself from the images that were shown. Maybe it's time to cut back on the crack."

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The big story in sports today is that Totti planted a rather large and thoroughly dispusting loogey in Christian Poulsen's face during the game Monday night. So now UEFA has to decide what kind of punishment he deserves. I suspect tomorrow's headline in The Sun will be something like Mouth-Watergate(Tm), in which case I will sue their behinds, as it was my fantastic invention, and registered trademark of yours truly.

And completely without my knowledge my comments thing has apparently turned into a Liverpool FC forum. I can't say I'm too thrilled...
And as Jesper predicted LFC's new coach is Rafael Benitez. Further reports claim that Rafael decided to leave Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Splinter back in the sewer. Whether or not April O'Neall moves to Liverpool is still uncertain.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The European Championship is well and truly under way. England lost yesterday because of a foul by former Liverpool player Heskey, a bad backpass by current Liverpool player Gerrard, and a penalty by former Liverpool keeper David James. Does anyone see a pattern?

Sweden however took the lead in Group C with a goal from Arsenal ace Freddie, while Denmark and Italy decided to draw due to a severe lack of Arsenal players.

I've managed to lose every bet I've placed so far, and it kinda makes you question why you do it. And then it hits you how boring Croatia - Switzerland would be without any money on the line...

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Yihaa, today is the day all proper men across Europe have been waiting for: The kick off of Euro 2004. And I can't think of a better way of boosting morale than having Julie Rugaard team up with Danish football legend Mikkel Beck for a re-recording of the football anthem Re-Sepp-ten. Beautiful.

According to the Hindustan Times (they are always the first to know!)Kanu and Keown are leaving Arsenal today, which actually means that Arsenal have no players left on www.uglyfootballers.com

And Morrissey decided to get into a bit of trouble suggesting to a crowd that Bush should have died instead of Reagan. That's just great Moz...

It's really weird: I ordered the new Slipknot album, but all I got was The Best of Vixen... with masks.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


So, today the blogging-article was in JP Århus, and the article can be found here. There's even a huge picture of me posing as the slightly geekier third member of Nik & Jay.
Now I can just sit back and wait until the people from blogbot arrive at my door with torches and a catapult, ready to hurl me out of the so-called blogosphere for bringing blogs into disrepute.

Oh, and the Midtfyns Festival has been cancelled, which is crap because we were supposed to go, but apparently we were the only ones. On the plus side I won't have to go through 2 hours of agonising Alicia Keys.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

In this time where we get spoonfed news of the tasmanian fox Mary Donaldson's marriage to the Prince of Denmark all the time, it's nice to see that the good people of Australia are keeping focus on what is important in life. And so the people of Mellbourne are honouring AC/DC by naming a street after them. Which, as far as I know, makes them the only rockband to have a street in both Australia and Spain. I might be wrong though...

The Young brothers standing with some guy who looks a bit like Saddam Hussein, but is probably mayor of Madrid, at Calle de AC/DC in Madrid Posted by Hello

Monday, June 07, 2004

The trailer for Fahrenheit 9/11 is online here.
I am not entirely sure what to think of it. I think I have all the same objections to it as I had towards Bowling For Columbine, but with the added facts that Michael Moore is by all accounts an arrogant bastard, and that I think it's stupid to give the Palme D'or to a movie that wasn't finished. Political choice or not, it's still a a bit of a devaluation of the Cannes Film Festival.

I have just been photographed for the article on weblogs, which was a bit weird, and come Wednesday I will be telling those of my friends who actually manage to read the paper: "No, it is NOT a diary - it's a weblog! Two completely different things." And they'll laugh. Bastards.

And like so many other vistors before him, Stig Töfting left Hinnerup injured. He should know not to mess with the good people of Hinnerup!

Even Jesus Hates Creed.

When there's no real football, I have to be a bit creative to find interesting stuff to read on the internet, so it's fantastic when you stumble across some great news. Creed have split up and will hopefully dissappear into oblivion much like Stryper and all other Christian-Rock bands.

I've been watching a lot of clips on the Jon Stewart homepage, so here's a couple of highlights: Barbera Walthers is NOT a drunken whore. Bush vs. Bush. English football. Reality shows.

Friday, June 04, 2004

As I was sittimg in front of my computer doing nothing in particular yesterday, Satan decided to pop by. Satan and I go way back, though we haven't stayed in touch recently. So anyway, Satan came into my room and we made a bit smalltalk and I offered him a beer, but he only drinks Fanta Shokata. Finally I asked him, "so Satan, what brings you here?". He said: "I have come to lead you into temptation. You shall spend all your money on gambling, and you shall win millions and then learn that money can't buy you happiness, and finally you shall spend all your millions on alcohol, drugs and woman - and not attractive women either , but really skanky ones. And then go to hell. Mwuuhahahahahahaha (Diabolical laughter)". "Ah", I said "and how is this supposed to go down?". "You shall bet all your money on Tiger Woods, and that Greece beats Lichtenstein with exactly 2 goals!". "That's a bit lame isn't it? Surely you can do better Satan." "Well, I have been in a bit of a hurry lately," he said "but check out the odds; 6,66! Nice touch, eh?"
"Yeah, that's just great Satan, but do you realize how much money I will have to spend to make millions? I don't have that kind of money. I'm not Ted Danson!" Satan was visibly dissappointed, and I felt a bit bad for him. "How about we do this; I bet 10kr, I win 66kr, and I buy ONE beer and no skanky ho's? And most likely I'll go to hell anyway... Deal?"

And that's how I won 66kr.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

I've added Aziz Is Bored to my favorites list to the left, as it is always an interesting read. I also found a link to The Daily Show with John Stewart, where you can find fantastic in-depth coverage of American politics such as this.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

My Fifteen Minutes Have Arrived.

Tomorrow I'm being interviewed by JP Aarhus about weblogs. There's a special section in the paper for students and they want to write something about students who write weblogs, and since I am a student and write this miniscule weblog it adds up nicely. I don't really know what to expect since the last time I was interviewed was by the cops in Hadsten, but I will try not to make a complete arse out of myself, or make me look like a diary-writing 14 year old girl, or like a huge nerd. I shall try to act intelligent. If only I had some glasses to wear I'm sure I could seem intelligent...

I am not a big fan of Pulp, but yesterday I saw the video for Bad Cover Version, and it is perhaps one of the best videos ever. So for your viewing pleasure you can find it here.

Finally I would like to take a minute to say WHAT THE HELL WHERE YOU THINKING??? to the nice people at the Roskilde Festival. Why would you go out and sign Avril Lavigne? It must be the biggest mistake since the Daniel Beddingfield incident.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I Want My Nickel Back!

If you have ever wondered just exactly how formulaic Nickelback's music is, here's a scary look into how you get a hit with the same song twice. Crank up your computer and hear for yourself!

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