Monday, May 31, 2004

Not The Age Of Aquarius!

Wow, my horoscope for this week is awful. I have a lot of stuff going on right now that is beyond my own control, including my exams that are being graded these days, some monetary issues that should be settled on Wednesday, and all my plans for the summer. So anyway, I decided to check what was in store for me this week, and it's just terrible:
"There is good reason to tone down your optimism a bit. It may very well come back and kick you in the rear later. It is as if the possitives have some limitations or restrictions attached to them, that you are forced to relate to."
So now I reckon I will fail my exams, not be allowed to continue my academic "career", miss out on some money and will have to stay home all summer. Damn!

Sunday, May 30, 2004

These Jeans Are Made For Talking.

I've spent the most of the weekend moving for two of my friends, so nothing extraordinary has happened lately. Luckily my friends were familiar with §15 of The Man Code: "The universal compensation for buddies who help you move is beer". And so yesterday I had enough beer and White Russians to make Solomon blush, which is quite a lot.

I am really looking forward to the European Championship this summer. I bought the Denmark jersey the other day, and right now I'm watching the final from 1992. Later today Denmark will hopefully crush Estonia, or Latvia, or Lithuania, or one of those semi-countries.

If I had found this earlier, I would have bought one. And I need one of these.

If there is one thing I love it must be bad movie reviews, and luckily Rolling Stone delivers regularly. Check out this one: "The only truly scary thing about this doomsday popcorn flick is the momumental ineptitude of the acting, writing and directing. " Beautiful.

And the Danish football season ended yesterday, and I could write something about the AGF game I saw yesterday, but I would just end up using words that aren't even suitable for the internet, so I'll take the high road for once, and just let it go....

Thursday, May 27, 2004

She's A Dancer, A Romancer...

I was flicking through the channels this morning, trying to find something I could watch while eating my breakfast. As always there was nothing good on TV, so I decided to watch some CNN, and lucky me, I stumbled upon a Larry King interview with Dr. Phil. It turns out the good Doctor, if that is his real name, has made a cookbook for people who want to lose weight. Now the question that comes to mind is "why woulod I take dieting tips from a guy who is just as big as me?" I mean, if Brad Pitt told me to eat less carbs I probably would. But Dr. Phil? Eh, not so much. It's a Jeff Foxworthy joke waiting to happen: If you're taking dieting tips from Dr. Phil... you might be real fat.

Oh, and while I was cleaning today, I realised that I knew all the lyrics to C'Mon and Love Me by Kiss. Neat eh?

And if you think you know all there is to know about movies, try Empire's Son of Quote Quiz. I got 16 out of 30 on the easy level, and then I was screwed. Feel free to tell me how you did.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Taking the political test on DR shows that I am infact more of a hippie than I actually thought.

Politicians clossest to my answers:
Jytte Wittrock (S) : 80 point
Elisabeth Arnold (R) : 73 point
Kamal Qureshi (SF) : 69 point
Anders Samuelsen (R) : 68 point
Anne-Marie Meldgaard (S) : 67 point

Politicians farthest from my answers:
Jens Hald Madsen (V) : 41 point
Birthe Skaarup (DF) : 41 point
Per Dalgaard (DF) : 39 point
Louise Frevert (DF) : 32 point
Jørn Dohrmann (DF) : 30 point

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Finally, with the help of Ice-T, HasselHoff is making a Hip Hop album under the name Hassle The Hoff. This is of course courtesy of the Danish tabloids, which devaluates it a bit, but it's still funny.

For those who haven't seen it yet, here's a photo of the new Arsenal home shirt. It's not as horrible as I remember it to be, and I might just buy one later. It's just that having the Arsenal crest in the middle means that Vieira's crest will be covered in that weird goo all the time.
And it's at times like these we should remember that nobody were big fans of the latest shirts when they came out, and now we all own them. Well, except me...

Oh, and tonight is the "big" final between Monaco and Porto. Personally I will be rooting for Monaco, and I hope F-Mo will score a hatfull of goals.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Sacre Bleu!

Wow, Michael Moore got a French award for his movie about Bush and the war in Iraq, who would have thought it? Actually I would have liked to be more cynical about it, but the fact is I'm really looking forward to seing it, and that I think it'll be very cool. I don't care too much for Michael Moore, but I think Bowling was extremely effective, so I have high expectations.

And congratulations to Jesper and all the other Liverpool fans who finally got their wish. Now hopefully he'll go on to ruin Tottenham.

Oh, and I finally found this thing about the day we won the Arsenal quiz.

And that's about it. Tonight I have to decide what I'm gonna study next year, which will eventually decide how the rest of my life goes. So it's nice to have a couple of hours to think about it.

Polly Shouldn't Be.

I've got very little to report right now, except that it's a big relief to be done with the exams for now. And I've actually thought up a little angle to my paper on The Island of Dr. Moreau. I can't reveal too much as of yet, but I can reveal it includes RoboCop. I bet you never thought of it, but there are plenty of simmilarities between Moreau and RoboCop as they both deal with playing God and making upgraded versions of God's creatures. I will however try not to mention the "octo-parrot" from Simpsons and the "monkey-potamus" from Drew Carey.

Oh, and my counter made it up to 10,000 hits the other day, which is quite amazing to me. Apart from regular visits from Kristian and Anders I have no idea who drops by, so feel free to drop a line and introduce yourself.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

No Estoy Fotogenico.

Grammar exams are the work of the devil! My exam today went, and I don't want to jinx this, reasonably well, all things considered. I actually found it surprisingly easy, which most likely means I have completely misunderstood every question. 'Orrible 'Orrible. Is the word "In-Laws" really a compound noun consisting of two free root morphemes and the inflectional suffix "-s"? I suspect it is, but does anyone really care?

This new new blogger, as opposed the old new blogger, allows people to post pictures on blogs. The thing is that even though I would like to post some pictures, but I don't have a camera, and what's worse I most often look like a complete git on pictures. I am however dealy handsome in person. So from now on I will strive not to make that "sign of the devil" with my hand every time I see a camera.

I saw Primal Fear tonight which is really good and surprising the first time you see it, but not so much the second time.

And in an act of complete desperation I have started taking quizzes on the internet, in an attempt to win tickets for the Roskilde Festival. If there was a Nobel Prize for being pathetic, I would be in contention almost every year.

Friday, May 21, 2004

I'm so hoping this little gadget works. This should be a picture of three metalheads listening to Motley Crue in a kitchen. Posted by Hello

Dead Man Walking.

Now listen up, I'm gonna need all the help I can get. I'm gonna need y'all to fucus all your positve energy towards me at 9am tomorrow and cross all your finger and toes. I'm taking my grammar exam (again) tomorrow, and I'm not at all looking forward to it.
Luckily I have got an answer key from a previous exam, and since the questions vary very little from year to year, hopefully my little brain will figure out what to do, and I'll get a passing grade. (This is, by the way, completely legal and I got it from my teacher.)
I really can't wait for this entire ordeal to be over with.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Guess Who's Back.

I'm very pleased to announce that I actually managed to hand in my stupid paper, and that even with 30 minutes to go before the deadline. No pressure! I actually think that it ended up as a very decent little paper, if a bit on the short side.

After handing in the paper I went to work on my computer, so I can now guarantee that it is absolutely and 100 percent virus free. And all it took was to delete everything and install windows all over again. Amazing. So now I can actually write this little entry in the safety of my own home. Very nice indeed.

Also, I finally received my package form le T-Shirtgrill so now I am the owner of two very snappy shirts, including this litle number I'm gonna wear the next time my brother DJs.
I'm getting a bit sick with this fear of terror by the way. The package I got included two shirts and a very little promotional portable radio stuck between the shirts for protection. The good people at the post office apparently thought that this package looked suspicious, and subsequently sliced it open and unpacked the radio. When they realised it was not a weapon of mass-decapitation, they apparently decided it wasn't necesary to patch it up again, so when I got the package one shirt was hanging halfway out of it. Bastards!
Oh, and I realized that at one point I wanna go up to one of those X-ray machines they have at big airports, and try to see if I can sneak a window through it. Good thing any terrorists haven't thought of that!

Finally, I got my clammy hands on a copy of Whatever Happened to PJ Soles. Though it is not their best album, it's still pretty darn good. Standout tracks so far are California Songs, P.J Soles and Dick Jones which sounds surprisingly like a mixture of The The and Beatles, which isn't too bad. Listen to them, damn you!

That's it for now. Nice to get it out of the system.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I Crawl In My Narcotic Shell.

So, I'm figthing an unfair battle against time these days. I'm trying to write mt bachelor paper, which has a deadline that says Tuesday. And afterwards I have to start reading for my Syntax exam on next Friday. Actually it's more of an unfair battle against myself, because I am, as many people have pointed out, a lazy git. But now the pressure is on, and I'll have to stay in my tiny room/office/prisoncell for the next 2 weeks. Rats.

To make matters worse, the powers that be have decided that the virus on my computer is a clear and present danger, and have decided to shut down my internet. This also means that I will have to delete my harddisc and install it all over one of these days. Crap.

Oh, and if anybody wants to earn a quick buck by writing a paper on The Island of Dr. Moreau, please drop me a line. If these 3 exams pass I will have my Bachelor's degree. I will actually be a bachelor this summer, and an elligible one at that.

Oh, and just for the record; I'm still pissed about that royal wedding. Just get married alright? It's 2004, so it might be a bit early to call it "the wedding of the century."

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Whoa, it like totally the best cast ever. And the award for cramming most crap TV- actors into a movie goes to The Forsaken. Sunday night TV always sucks, but I think we're at a new low.

I've now tried 5 different anti-virus programmes, and still my computer seems to be infected with some crap. It should be obvious by now that I am in way over my head! Any ideas?

The Heat Is On.

The weather has been amazing today. The thermometer outside Bridgewater said 31 degrees Celsius at 5pm, which is about as hot as it ever gets in Denmark. We went out to the stadium to see the local team, AGF, kick the living daylights out of league-leaders Esbjerg. But since I don't really care too much about Danish football, it was mostly about hanging out and drinking Faxe Kondi. It was kinda weird to see how much that win affected the mood in the city. When we went downtown afterwards there was white shirts everywhere and big smiles.

I think that these two guys are probably the hunkiest Arsenal fans ever, apart from the regulars at the pub obviousely.

And now I have to try to exterminate this stupid virus that keeps messing with my computer. Balls!

Friday, May 07, 2004

You Go Girl!

I pride myself on having a decent sense of humour. I not going to try and describe it, because honest to God there's nothing worse than people who do that; Oh I have crazy sense of humour - I'm a bit cuckoo etc. What I mean is that 9 out of 10 times I laugh at right times, which is pretty good. And I have been told several times that I am funny in small doses, which is also pretty good. But the thing is I was thinking about what the funniest thing in the world is. What always cracks me up and makes my eyes tear up from laughing. After going through my brain's library of fun, including pretty much every episode of Monty Python, Southpark and just about every sit-com ever aired on Danish TV, I decided that the funniest thing in the world is Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts on the Letterman show. There's just something about 2 middleaged, moustached carpenters saying Whoohaa, go girl that just kills me. What's your choice?

I finally got to see Behind the Music with Anthrax today which was really cool, and surprisingly touching. For once there was a BTM without any drugs or alcohol, but just what seems like really cool guys who have had nothing but rotten luck (incl. 2 deaths, a bancrupt record company, a burned down studio, and what after 9/11 turned out to be an unfortunate name...), and have never got the credit they deserve. When people talk about fusing rock and rap they always gush about Aerosmith and RUN DMC, but honestly Anthrax were the first band to do it properly with Public Enemy, and I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be any rap-metal bands out there, if it wasn't for Bring The Noise.

And just for the record: I still really, really, really, really hate the royal family. Why anybody would decide to give them presents for that stupid wedding is beyond me. It's not like they can't afford stuff themselves. It's not like they don't already get quite a lot of money from us, as it is. I'm almost certain that if the more than 5 million people in the country put their minds together, we could come up with a more worthy cause to spend our money on. Something with diseases, animals or starving people or something. Should be easy.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Ai Cahhn't Get No Sleep.

Of course I haven't had any sleep tonight. I don't exactly know why, but I just was unable to fall asleep. Every time I thought "now it's gonna happen", I just slipped right out of sleep again. On the plus side I managed to see some TV, including most of the Danish football highlights, a Billy Connolly show, and an hour long interview with Don Rickless, who isn't really that funny, but he used to hang out with Carson, Letterman, Sinatra and a lot of other cool guys.

And congratulation to Anders O. whoose AaB team not only won yesterday, but managed to score what was possibly the goal of the season.

And after all the heartache Leeds have caused Arsenal over the years, including the game last year and when Jimmy Floyd scored a late winner in '99 (I think), I can honestly say I only feel a little bit sorry for them. Actually I've always hoping they would be relegated, but there's always something a bit sad about grown-ups who are crying like a baby that was hit with hammer.

And it's nice to see that John has acknowledged Machine Heads bid for being the bitchiest metal band of all time, over at Frekvens.

PS: Free Speech for the Dumb! Good old Scott Ian is at it again.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

If I ever see a beer again it will be too soon. There are different ways to be drunk. The only thing worse than not being able to remember anything, is when you actually do remember it all.

I saw Kill Bill II today, and it was really boring. And now I think it's time to see some footie from my bed. Cheers.

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