Tuesday, January 27, 2004

'Coz It Already Is.

The last couple of days have been pretty eventful by my standards, so I'll just try to sum what I actually remember. Yesterday was my birthday (the big two-four), and my friends threw me a surprise party which was really nice; with presents, pizza, cake, beer, balloons and everything that goes with a surprise party. The weird thing is afterwards when you start piecing it all together and you remember some weird things your friends have said in the last couple of days, and you feel like a giant goofball because you didn't see it comming from a mile away, but I didn't, which is probably just as well.

Saturday we saw some local bands, of which the last one, Yellowish, were really good, so I'll have to check them out again at some point. John and Anders have written more about that night.

We missed most of the Arsenal game Saturday, but apparently David Bentley scored a real cracker, which John has on video so I'll get to see it tommorrow, before the last M'boro game. People are already calling him the next Bergy and everything. Maybe people need to calm down a bit, so he doesn't become the new Rooney instead. Also rumors have it that we've signed Reyes from Sevilla for all the money in the world. We'll see about that, considering Arsenal.com's credibility, I won't believe it 'till I see him playing in a red/white shirt. And speaking of which, the Henry 14 shirt my brother gave me for my birthday should be in the mail any day now. Which needless to say rocks!

And I recieved notice that I've passed the paper I wrote on Bob Dylan, and tonight I'll probably win in the lottery. So far I still have a very good felling about 2004, the year of the monkey.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I just took one of those personality tests; I think I lost...

The Year of the Monkey.

I've had a pretty good feeling about this year so far, and today I got a message from a friend telling me that 2004 is infact the year of the monkey. Actually tomorrow is New Years Eve, so a big Kinga Shinnen to everybody. Great things are going to happen!

I decided to treat myself to a little year of the monkey present, so I found an unreasonably low priced Black Sabbath Greatest Hits album. 32 tracks of genuine class (Alec Guinness?) for the low low price of 100 Danish bucks. To make things even better I won 91 bucks yesterday on betting against Arsenal.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I Wanna Go Where The People Go...

I always use some milk and cream for you, coz I think you're sweet. Yuck! What the hell was Alicia Keys thinking when she did that new video, you know the one where she's stalking some guy who apparently likes his chokolate hot. It is now officially the video I hate most in the world ever, and I never thought anybody could steal that trophy from Lionel Richie's "Hello".

Otherwise I'm glad to say I've rediscovered my old The Wildhearts album, the brilliantly entitled P.H.U.Q., which is everything British rock should ever be; ranging from metal, over punk to the Beatles. I't always leaves me shouting along with the line "I wanna be where the c*nts like me are burried six feet under ground".

Tonight it's a bit of footie as the Arsenal kids take on Middlesbrough, as always I'm hoping Ray and Edu will put in a few goals. Tomorrow we'll hopefully watch Eddie Izzard's Sexie which I'm really looking forward to.

Oh, and I passed my exam, which devaluates everything the university stands for, but which suits me just fine....

Saturday, January 17, 2004

It got a bit late last night, so I had a bit of a sleep in today. I have a bit of a hangover, so I decided to watch a bit of footie, And I've realized my vocabulary is a bit limited. Anyhoo, I woke up to the news that United were losing to Wolves, which would make my day. And they did, and I laughed. Then I decided to watch Ipswich - Crewe on tv. It had all the marks of a very boring game, but right now the score is 5-4 which equals great entertainment. Actually Ipswich just made it 6-4...

And what the hell is Al Franken doing in the video for Ghostbusters???

Friday, January 16, 2004

We Were Once Known For Our Winsomefulness

I went 12 rounds with the lady in the bank yesterday. She got in a few good punches, and I mostly ducked and covered, but overall I'd say it was a draw. Today I handed in my paper, and reapplied for S.U. which should mean that if, and that's a pretty big if, perhaps the iffiest if ever, the system works I should start getting some money again in the not so distant future. Actually the paper is graded on my birthday, which in my book is a recipe for disaster if I ever saw one.

I'm currently listening to Steve Burns' Songs for Dust Mites which is really rather good for a guy who's claim to fame is a show on Nickelodion.

Tonight it's Once Upon a Time in Mexico which I'm looking forward to, and then a couple of beers which I'm also looking forward to.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Spunky don't like his uniform
It never fits him good
Going back to the orphanage
And the place where the garage once stood
Well it's a free for all free for all free for all
It's a free for all you and me
If you don't like what they're telling you
You can't teach a blind man to see
But I can see
Spunky looks good in his bright red wig
Eating chocolate chip mint ice cream
A cat named Lola with a violent past
Is balled up asleep cross his knees
Well it's a free for all free for all free for all
It's a free for all you and me
One day the world will be ready for you
And wonder how they didn't see
Spunky knows he can save the world
In his own little way
Turning in his old uniform
Cause you know, it really didn't pay
Cause it's a free for all free for all free for all
It's a free for all you and me
I walk through the world with your name on my tongue
And your picture, etched on my screen


Good luck to David "Spunky" Seaman who went on retirement today. Even though he did try to ruin his career in the end, he managed to get more than 500 games for Arsenal. Respect.

Monday, January 12, 2004

This Could Be My Lucky Day In Heck.

Today should have been the start of the 2. half of the 6 day workathon, but I was feeling a bit under the weather. Actually I felt like I had been lying under the weather and somebody had kicked me repeatedly in the stomach. According to my year horrorscope this is supposed to be one of my "lucky days", but so far it looks pretty much like my crap normal days. Go figure. But maybe something good will happen later, I am pretty sure I will try to do a bit of gambling later, just to test the the limits of Finn Wandall's psychic abilities.

I actually have a couple of links today. First an article from the Mirror telling how Bob and Henry made a complete twat out of Danny Mills by nutmegging him time and time again.
In an instant, Henry had danced around him, stopped the ball going out and whipped it through Mills' legs.
Mills, who had already been nutmegged by Pires in the first half, protested furiously to the linesman as the whole of Highbury split its sides laughing.

Good stuff, though it must be hard to write an article with those red and white glasses on.
Secondly Evan Seinfeld from the hardcore band Biohazard, whom I was a pretty big fan of 10 years ago, is taking his acting career to its logical conclusion; Porn.
Finally, a very stupid bear gets electrocuted but lives to tell the tale. You just know that right now all the other bears are rubbing balloons on his belly and sticking them to the top of the cave. "Hey Bruno. It's a bit dark in here, can you just hold this lightbulb. Heh" Bears are so lame.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Well this is kinda funny. It's a soundclip of Ryan Adams leaving a message on some critics answering machine. And he's not one bit happy.... [via something out of nothing]

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

This is the story of The Hurricane...

They're making a new Hurricane movie. I thought to myself "that may be overdoing it a bit, who wants to see Denzel in another Oscar losing performance as Rubin Carter", until I realized that this one is about controversial snooker player Alex Higgins, who is apparently also nicknamed "Hurricane". And then you ask; how can you be a controversial snooker player? Well, apparently by "urinating in a flower pot and head-butting a tournament director...". Enough said. I for one am dying to find out how the two things are connected. If urinating in a flower pot is what it takes, I know a few people who are controversial snooker players.

On another note I have been working quite a bit which is good because I desperately need all the money I can get, and bad because it's pretty boring. And I've finished my paper on Bob Dylan, which is just plain good. And Bob Dylan once made a song about Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, so do you see how everything is connected? Quite nice if you ask me...

Saturday, January 03, 2004

There's nothing like the smell of FA Cup in the morning. It's the smell of victory... I love FA Cup weekends! This weekend Danish Tv are showing Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, United, Newcastle, Leeds, Saints, Charlton and of course, Anders' team, the mighty Gillingham. Right now Chelsea are strugling against Watford (2-2). Beautiful! Hopefully Liverpool will do the same against Yeowil tomorrow. I can't say I'm too thrilled about the prospect of playing Leeds tomorrow, but on the other hand, Arsenal have a pretty good record of playing FA Cup these days, so maybe it'll be okay. For now I'll just kick back and watch as much footie as humanly possible, knowing that Celtic are 2-0 up against Rangers...

Friday, January 02, 2004

This is the end.

It’s the weirdest thing. I was trying to sleep, I’ve been pretty busted all day following the new years celebrations, so it should have been easy to fall asleep, but it wasn’t. So I was twisting and turning, rolling from one side of the bed to another, halfway watching tv all night, until there was no more tv to watch. So I’m lying in my bed, in a state of semi-consciousness; half asleep half awake. I don’t know if I’ve been asleep for a couple of minutes, but suddenly I get really panic-y and scared. Maybe I’ve dreamt something that I can’t remember, or something like that, but suddenly I have a very distinct feeling that something is not right. I remember jumping out of my bed, walking around in circles thinking “What the hell is going on?!?”. I remember thinking that if I don’t do something to rectify the situation, if I just fall asleep, the world will come to an end, the universe will seize to exist and everybody will die. But seing as I have a hard time figuring out what the problem that needs rectifying is, I get more and more nervous. But at the same time my sense of logic is telling me that this is all really rather odd, and that it is highly doubtfull that the future existence of man relies on me not falling asleep. That I’m probably just really tired. In the end logic prevails, I am now relatively sure that nobody will die if I fall asleep in a couple of minutes. But then again, if there is no tomorrow you’ll know who to blame.
I’m not sure that panic attacks are a good thing, but I guess a little fear of dying is a positive thing; that must mean that there’s still a bit of meaning to life.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

At first there was a bit of confusion. And also a bit of relief that I had made it home and slept in my own bed. I remember looking at the floor and seing a trail of clothes from the door to the bed, first a jacket, then a shirt and a t-shirt. No pants. I looked at myself; still wearing the pants. Trying to figure out how i had come home. I had taken a taxi. Now I remember getting in the taxi, but for a while it was a bit hazy. My legs were hurting like heck, I later realised I had huge bruises on both my shins, but I can't remember how I got them. Also I'm for some reason compleely covered in some glitter stuff, which is pretty weird.
I think I was on pretty good behaviour yesterday, and as I remember there was no embarrasing moments or drunken phonecalls, so already it has been a better year than 2003.

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