Friday, September 26, 2003

Large parts of the Danish youth have been disillusioned following the pre-engagement of Prince Freddie and the Tazmanian fox Mary Donaldson, since, I guess, most people would like to score a Prince or a fox. Meanwhile a friend of mine is working is working as an assistant teacher, so now I'm encouraging her to pick up one of her students in a "Hot For Teacher"-type scenario, just to prove that sometimes fantasies come true. I'm pretty sure it would boost the morale of students everywhere. She doesn't seem to buy into the idea though...

Arsene Wenger is going head on with the FA, which is a nice change from having them screw over Arsenal time and time again. Check out Arseblog for an extensive and very accurate account of the entire ordeal.

Stuart Cable has left Stereophonics! With hair like that your only hope of ever getting a job is in showbiz - get back in there you c*nt!

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I was watching Friends tonight and saw the strangest thing. Chandler was watching porn in a hotel room, and when the camera showed the TV, it was Danish pornstar-turned sit-com actress Katja Kean. How weird! Not only is she the first Danish "actor" ever to be on Friends, they actually found probably the only pornstar who actually is also a sit-com actress. The research guy at Friends must have the greatest job in the world...

Monday, September 22, 2003

Experience All The Excitement Of Goalless Draws.

The British medias are having a field day following the 0-0 game between United and Arsenal yesterday. Mostly going on about the disgraceful antics of some of the Arsenal players, especially Martin Keown who appears two have attacked Van Miss-a-lot like some sort of b-movie vampire. Man, if Arsenal thought they had problems with the FA before... Well, we probably won't win the Fair Play trophy this year either. To some extent I think I'll have to agree with this Liverpool supporter, although I tend to be less into conspiracy theories than most soccer fans.

I haven't been doing a lot lately, tried to avoid drinking so much, so I've been watching a lot of movies. Pirates was very entertaining, Anger Management was god-awful, and so would Shanghai Knights have been if it wasn't for Owen Wilson. A regular feature in Jackie Chan movies is the outtakes in the end where he usually injures himself and messes up stunts, but it seems rather silly when you can see that the outtakes are edited, and have been spiced up with sound effects. Just seems stupid.

Oh, and today is the day where this young brute is going to court for having assaulted another kid with a fryingpan - dramatic re-enactment here. Why must Danish celebrities be so lame???

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Right now Kristian is probably standing in a crowded room watching a Pete Yorn concert somewhere in London. Meanwhile I'm stuck in Denmark, at my parents' place, with the longest living sorethroat ever, drifting around, doing nothing, listening to Pete Yorn on the computer. Life is not fair. Man Utd are beating the living crap out of some Greek team in the Champions League - tomorrow Arsenal will most likely draw with Inter Milan. Not fair.

A lot of plans are in the making right now. Apart from the trip to see Pirates this Friday, we're planning a trip to Germany with a bunch of friends to buy beer, which I haven't done for years. Should be fun.
And most importantly: For some obscure reason Therapy? have decided to play their only concert in Denmark at Godset in Kolding. Now, I don't remember ever being in Kolding before, but I'm pretty sure it's crap. But Therapy? played one of the coolest shows I've ever been to last time they were in Aarhus, so I'll have to go...

Sunday, September 14, 2003

It's been a weird weekend. Johnny Cash died. John Ritter died. Warren Zevon died last Sunday. I haven't exactly been a been a huge fan or listener of his music, but he was a cool cat with a brilliant sense of humour, and I have followed his fight with cancer ever since he told the world that his days were numbered, rooting and cheering for him at every chance. Each in their own way they were three cool guys and will be missed.

On a lighter note Saturday was spend in the park listening to Insidious Torment who were surprisingly good and TV*2 who were like they always are. Obviousely combining loads of alcohol with the flesh eating virus in my throat wasn't a very good idea, so I'm still very busted. Tomorrow I'll go to my parents place where, hopefully, they will feel extremely sorry for me, make me soup, let me watch videos all day and maybe even buy me some candy. Hopefully.
I scored some free tickets for todays AGF - Herfølge match so we went and saw it. It was alright. AGF, the local team, won 2-1 in an at times exciting game. The only problem was that I felt like shit, a nasty combination of the notorious cold and being hungover, so every now and then I had to leave my seat and go back and stand in the shade. And buy unrealistic amounts of soda. I'm so tired of being sick!
In a stroke of genious a Norwegian channel is showing Out of Sight which is absolutely one of my favorite movies. The directing, the music, the acting. Everything about it is cool. Even J.Lo is good in it. And not hard to look at.

Arsenal's Freddie Ljungberg is posing for Calvin Clein posters and it's pretty bad. Looks like some sort of gay porn, and just with the addition of the words "gay porn" I've secured something like 1000 hits to my page during the next week or so...

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

For the first time since Saturday night I left my sickbed to enjoy the company of others. The occasion was that Denmark played Rumania. It was a pretty depressing show, a 2-2 draw where both of the Danish goals were presents from the referee. Also it was pretty depressing to see my friends enjoying beers and cigarettes, when I am still not capable of doing so. So I was stuck with soda and chips, and it's just not the same...
My cold is getting better, but still I'm very busted, so I reckon I won't leave my room tomorrow either, but hopefully I'll be back on the streets Friday, or at least Saturday when Insidious Torment will ROCK the university.
Oh, and perhaps some other band too.

I finally got hold of the new Pete Yorn cd, thanks Kristian, it's pretty good, albeit a bit hit and miss. Luckily the hits outweigh the misses, and with a whopping 17 tracks and two videos it would be far from me to complain, although I'll probably never be a big fan of his rendition of Suspicious Minds.

And finally the comment-thingy is back on track, thanks to the nice people at yaccs, so once again feel free to rate my music (?) or drop a line...

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Yet another day in my fortress of solitude. My cold has got the upper hand, and reduced me to a big ol' container of phlegm. My head is about to explode, and every now and then I lose the ability to breathe. I am not amused. Stupid Tv is spewing out crap daytime shows, when they should really focus more on entertaining me. I will definitely miss out on the birthday party I was supposed to attend tonight, and probably also the big football game tomorrow. At this point it is okay to shed all dignity and say that selfpity is my only friend. I fucking hate being sick! If anybody feel the urge to drop by with all kinds of pharmacuticals, you're more than welcome...
The comment-thingy should be back later today.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Sometimes you see things that are somewhat disturbing. Although I got this picture a couple of months ago, I've only just now realized that there's infact a naked guy standing in the background (far left).
How weird is that???
My cold has now spread it's way through all of my body, and I am now sick as a dog, lying in bed all day, staring at the ceiling because the only thing on TV is reality tv. I'm starting to feel like the boy in the bubble; "I need human contact!". Oh well - only a couple of hours 'till Letterman...

First day of school tomorrow. I'll have a lecture on Syntax and Morphology, or grammar as it is more commonly known. I've taken this course once before, flunked it twice, so now seems like a pretty good time to get my act together and finally pass this test, get my bachelor degree and go on and fight world hunger, terror and the use of carrots in spaghetti bolognese.

I have a cold and my radiator doesn't work, so I predict my cold will stay with me until sometime in April where it will get tired of me and go on to bother someone else.

Everybody's favorite Danish celebrity blogger, Emme, is getting declarations of love on her comment-thingy. I'm a bit jealous since it appears no one has read my blog and felt the urge to say they are in love with me. Must be because my comments-thingy is down. Yeah, that must be it...

I have a hard time decided whether or not the show Ed is any good. I think if they got rid of that Warren guy and that bowling alley guy who acts like a poor man's Jack Black, they could actually have a pretty good show. But if nothing else, it kills the time until Jon Stewart goes on at 12.30.

Friday, September 05, 2003

A New High In Lows

There are times when you look at yourself with disbelief, disgusted, thinking: You really ought to do better than this. Tonight I believe my life hit rockbottom, drilled its way through the hard surface and went straight to hell. I actually spend a Friday night alone, in my room, watching the extremely ridiculous Forces of Nature with that big crybaby Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock, whose best movie is Demolition Man - doesn't that say everything?
Maybe I'll go downtown later so the day won't be a complete waste, but seing as it's getting close to midnight, I might not.

When people get back from visiting the states, they're always bringing loads of campus-wear (Go Spartans?), and even people who haven't been to the states are seen wearing UCLA shirts. But today I saw a girl wearing a shirt from Degrassi Junior High, which was pretty cool. Haven't been able to find a picture though. Imagine there was a time when it was okay to be called Snake. How cool is that? I should totally get a cool nickname...

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

This is brilliant! Japanese humour at it's very best. I mean, real life bullet-time table tennis - why don't we have TV shows like that in Denmark?
After I had seen it I thought... Yatta! And I had to go find the Yatta homepage again. Its beautiful. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Some Days Are Better Than Others.

I missed the bus this morning. I was already a bit late, and when I was walking toward the busstop, the bus came blazing by - 2 or 3 minutes to early. I decided to take another bus for one stop, and then jump on yet another bus in order to go to work. When I entered the bus I saw a crazy black homeless woman, the same crazy homeless woman who once punched me in the stomach and called me white devil on my way home from a bar, who was singing/chanting in front of the ticket machine, so I decided I wouldn't bother getting a ticket since I was only going for one stop - and sure enough: I get busted! 300 Dkr (£30) out the window. And since the ticket-guy has to write out a fine for me I can't get off the bus at the right stop, and subsequently miss yet another bus. All in all it took an hour to go to work, and cost me a bunddle. Actually a lot more than I earned by going to work today.

According to Danish paper Ekstrabladet a giant asteroide is going to hit the Earth in 2014 with the power of 20 Hiroshima bombs. Finally.

Reino doesn't like weblogs, so he's writing a blog about it. Fair enough. Especially if at some point his own blog would contain more than the things he criticises in other blogs. Or if he was a bit clever about it like this guy...

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