Monday, June 30, 2003

Roskilde Always Give Me Such A Thrill

So, I'm back from Roskilde, 5 days of drinking and going to concerts. Actually I came home at 5 AM, but I haven't been able to do anything before now. As always when you're spending 5 days camping and partying with a bunch of friends at a place like Roskilde, there's gonna be some highlights and some weird stuff going on, so I thought I would try to mention some of the things that will probably stick out in my memory:

When arriving to the camp, two days after the other guys, I found one of my friends passed out, lying on the ground with his legs on a beer crate. It was pretty obvious that he'd been sitting on the crate, fallen over backwards and just passed out drunk. This was at about 5 in the afternoon. I noticed he had a bruised eyelid (!), which was because he had opened a beer bottle on the crate, and the beer cap had somehow flown and hit him in the eye.

Thursday I saw Electric Six, who was pretty okay, but I was dragged away before they played Danger (High Voltage) *sigh*. Later we saw Metallica who were fantastic. Easily the best show on the festival this year. They only played 4 songs from after the "...and justice for all" era, so it was awesome. Friday we saw Murderdolls, who by that time had been dubbed "Mothabitch" by one friend who couldn't remember their name. Any band who sounds like a mixture of Skid Row and Marilyn Manson and plays a cover of Billy Idol's White Wedding is cool in my book. Doves were pretty good as always, but the best show of the day was, obviously, Iron Maiden. I've seen Maiden 3 times and they're always excellent, even though every show has a bit of a greatest hits vibe. You always pretty much know what you're gonna get, but it's like wearing an old sweater that fits perfectly - or something.
Saturday I was completely wrecked, somehow the sun had focussed all it's energy on the back of my left leg, leaving it extremely burned and the rest of my body as pale as ever. We chose to stay inside for most of that day - inside being a Chinese Restaurant and a netcafé downtown. Saw Blur (okay), Immortal (laughably crap!), Cardigans (Boring) and Mew (very good, but I was so tired I had to leave).

Our neighbours at the camp were from Ireland, and we'd been talking to them quite a lot thoughout the week. When we went to see The Thrills, they had brought an Irish flag which the singer seemed to really like. By the way; Big Sur is now officially one of my favorite songs. Later we went back to our camp, but we should have stayed with the Irish kids, since they decided to go to the Orange Stage and shout obscenities at Daniel Bedingfield, who for no apparent reason had been chosen to play at Roskilde. He managed to play his same hit song in three (3!) different versions - way to milk it Danny!. The highlight of the night was Queens Of the Stone Age, who played a pretty good show, but when you're as laid back as Josh Homme and you don't say anything to the crowd (which isn't completely fair - he did say: "This song is about something we can all agree on.... anal."), there is not going to be musc crowd reaction. But the songs speak for themselves, and it was a good show. Afterwards we decided to leave on a highnote, and we skipped before Bj?rk could fuck up our impression of a pretty good festival.

So, I saw a couple of bands I hadn't seen before (Stonesour was pretty okay as well, though we could do without the onstage preaching and acoustic song), and I saw some bands I had seen a million times. Didn't see anything dissapointing, but then again didn't see any really huge surprises.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Blame It On The Boogie Knights.

Once again I'm hungover as fuck due to the annual summer party at the university. It was pouring down and the band was, as usual, some crappy disco-cover band that played Jackson 5, Whitney Houston and all the other crappy songs that every crappy band plays. Still I managed to become reasonably drunk and have a pretty good time. Today I've just been hanging out, sleeping a lot, and tonight I'll get together with a friend who's just returned from 6 months in America, so that should be fun.

Tomorrow I'm heading for Roskilde, so I thought I would list the bands I'll probably go see in the next 4 days: Blur (UK), Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (US), Coldplay (UK), The Datsuns (NZ), Dave Gahan (UK), The Doves (UK), Electric Six (US), Fu Manchu (US), Hawksley Workman (CAN), Iron Maiden (UK), Magnified Eye (DK), Melvins (US), Metallica (US), Mew (DK), The Murderdolls (US), Queens of the stone age (US), The Raveonettes (DK), Stone Sour (US), The Streets (UK), Tomahawk (US), and Yo La Tengo (US). I'll have my work cut out for me, but I will as always try to see as much music as possible yet try to party hard every all the time. Should be fun.

As KISS once said: I wanna rock n' roll all night, and part of every day...

There are some clubs you would just like to stay alive. It's kinda weird, but as a football fan you know the agony they go through every time. They are always the underdogs, and you always root for them not not to be relegated, like Lyngby last year, Frem a couple of years ago. Nobody wanted KB and B1903 to merge, as well as when Ikast and Deliverance-country-town became FC Midtjylland. You always want the tradition to remain. I for one hoped that CD didn't get relegated. But they did! I didn't hope West Ham would be relegated because there is just some stuff you need to have around. For every Thierry Henry you need a Carlo Corazin. My point is; it's a crying shame if Oldham won't be anymore. We need clubs with tradition, we don't need anymore überclubs or any new clubs, or extreme Beckham sales. We need what made football great; fans, fighting spirit and the ability to gather around something that is very small, but can be very beautiful. The economic aspect of football has been out of hand for quite a while. No one player is worth the amount of money Beckham was sold for. No human life is. The figures they're throwing around are just ridiculous, so I say let's bring 'em all back to earth, let's un-glamourize the footballstar, bring them down in wages so real clubs with a history stand a chance in having real players. I hope Rosenborg or Dinamo Kiev wins the Champions League next year. And I hope Oldham survives.

Monday, June 23, 2003

I am punk music!!
Rock on, dude! You are Punk music!

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Black No. 1.

"This next song is called Wolfmoon. (Crowd goes wild.) Don't cheer until you know what the song is about. This song is about a man who turns into a werewolf everytime he engages in oralsex with a menstruating woman.... You wanna call me a pussy??? Well, you are what you eat." (Quote: Peter Steele) I've just returned from the Type O Negative concert at Train and it was pretty great, though since I've been a fan for about ten years I wasn't a hard sale. They started out playing a song called Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infidelity from their debut Slow Deep and Hard, and afterwards played most of their classic tunes, which unfortunately ment almost no new material and none of their legendary coversongs. Type O Negative is a band you either get or don't. Making goth versions of Status Quo, Neil Young and even Beatles, making jokes about aids tests on stage, and writing songs called Kill All The White People or Jesus Hitler, Adolf Christ may not be everybody's idea of great taste, but people got it and seemed to appreciate the fact that this is the quintessential goth band of both the nineties and the naughties. I've been waiting for this concert for a long time, and it lived just about up to my enormous expectations. I'll take 'em over Bruce S any time of any day.

Afterwards was a bit weird because I was ready to party, but everyone else was going home because they were leaving for Roskilde tomorrow. I'm not going till Wednesday, so I was left to go home and crack open my best can of Blå Thor. Still, it could have been worse.

If you like Danish football this is funny.

They're on to me now (also in Danish)

The truth about Harry Potter, from a little girl. Right on sister!

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Yiiiiihaaaa!!! Summer break. Having recieved very generous grades, not good just generous, for my final exam I'm off to spend my summer vacation boozing and snoozing. Obviously the weather is now crap, and will probably be so until I start in school again, but for now I'm pretty damn pleased. Time to find my Alice Cooper CD and listen to School's Out for 2 months...

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Stupid exams. Like always I've postponed everything to the last minute. Actually I shouldn't even be blogging right now, I should be re-reading everything from the last semester right now AND writing the last couple of pages for my Bob Dylan paper, but I'm totally in vacation mode right now. I'm so psyched about the prospect of going on vacation tomorrow, and leaving for Roskilde in a week, that everything above passed tomorrow will just be a blessing. Just to get it out of the way, and not drag around my guilty conscience for 2 months will be my current definition of heaven. Ok, that may be overdoing it a bit, but it will be great. Sometime around 8 o'clock tonight I'll go in to panic mode and read like the wind. The oral exam tomorrow is a double-header, where they will not only examine if I have anything semi-interesting to say about the history of censorship in America, but also if I'm at all able to formulate a sentence in English. It should be very exciting to find out.

When checking blogbot I've realized that I may just be the only Danish blogger who writes about football and heavy metal on a semi-regular basis. Surely there must be some likeminded boggers outhere?

I've just picked up the latest issue of our school magazine, and though the content might be somewhat dubious, we've made a parody of the poster for Being John Malkovich, called Being Johnny English, where different teachers are holding up a cutout of Rowan Atkinson's face in front of them. Sounds stupid, but looks pretty darn good!

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Bollocks! I know people who'll be very bitter about this.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Phew. Must be very tired. While I was sitting in front of the computer, listening to Type O Negative, I got a weird feeling that somewhere something was wrong. Maybe I had forgotten something, or maybe someone had forgotten something, or someone's done something, or I had done something. That weird feeling where you know some shit is about to go down, or perhaps is going down right now, but you don't know what it is or why. Very unsetteling. So now I'll probably spend all night trying to figure out what it is that's wrong, and why it had to happen to me. Because surely something is completely out of whack. Stuff like this happens for a reason, and not just because I'm completely paranoid. Maybe it's just God's way of telling me it's about bed time, maybe it's just because Gwyneth is getting married and it isn't to me.

Anyway, if there's no tomorrow, don't say I didn't warn you!

Friday, June 13, 2003

Time To Hit The Salad Bar.

I bought my ticket for Roskilde today, which is actually a pretty cool feeling. The feeling of certainty that I will actually go, and as per usual be broke by the beginning of July. Unfortunately I had to jump on my dad's bike and go to the postoffice at the neighbouring town in order to get it, which actually isn't a long ride, but the last time I made any conscious effort to get into shape was in 1999, which was also the last time I rode a bicycle. In other words, I was left dehydrated, my legs are killing me, and my butt is sore. (My original title for this post was: "Maybe this is how George Michael feels", but I decided not to use it, don't wanna offend anybody...) And I'm sad to repport that my dad apparently uses the wussy-gear on the bike. Not very manly! I only have 5 days before my vaction starts, so it's about time to get into shape....

I've decided that I can listen to Planet Rock at work, haven't really gone over it with the boss yet, but it's pretty cool to listen to a nonstop mix of old Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, ZZ Top, Black Sabbath, Steve Miller etc. all day. But would it kill them to play some Foghat? Or We Build This City On Rock N' Roll?

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Why Did The Vandals Take All The Handles?

I'm currently working on an article on the movie Don't Look Back for the incredibly stupid Bob Dylan course I took. Bob Dylan Appreciation Class my ass! I actually like Bob Dylan even less now, just because of how lame that course was; it was basically based on the notion that even though Dylan has made about 30 albums, with approx 12 songs on each, everything he's made is fantastic, and he's just a swell guy and blah blah blah.... I like Bob Dylan as much as the next guy, but surely not everything he's made is excellent, for instance his Born Again Christian period; what the hell was that all about? Or the 80's? They weren't exactly good to him. I have a feeling at least one of my teachers won't be thrilled about me comparing a scene from Don't Look Back with Spinal Tap, but who cares? The paper isn't graded, so it just has to pass.

A while ago we went to see Sepultura at Voxhall, before that we got to meet them in a record store (that's Rasmus saying "Hi, are you gonna play Troops of Doom" to Igor and Paolo). At that occasion I ordered a copy of their new album Roorback. I picked it up today, only to realize that it was the Digipack Double CD I had ordered, which includes cover verions of, among other songs, Jane's Addictions Mountain Song and U2s Bullet The Blue Sky. Hardly obvious choices for a band like Sepultura, but especially Mountain Song is terrific, so it was a pleasant surprise.

One of my friends, known to some as El Raton de Mokka, is lying in the hospital across the street, so I might pay him a visit later. Some people hate hospitals, but I have never had any bad experiences with hospitals, we always end up watching cable TV and eating chocolates, so it's not bad at all.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Hail to the Plunger

Having inherrited my room from a girl with very long hair, I've had nothing but trouble with the in-room sink. Finally it just gave up, and left me with a very, very disgusting clogged porcelain sink in my room (I will spare you any further details). I don't consider my self a regular Tim "Toolman" Tayler, or even an Al Borland, but I am still a guy, so my first impulse was of course "Is there any way I can fix his with duct tape?". Giving up on both tape and later powertools, I realized that maybe acid was the way to go. After stocking up on caustic soda and a bucket (you need to mix it with water!), I was ready to start my manly battle with the disgusting sink. After putting in a batch of acid the result was... dissapointing at best. A mixture of acid, shaving foam, water and toothpaste emerged in my sink. In this situation the guy-thing to do is of course to add more acid. So I did. Twice. This of course had no effect, except leaving my room full of toxic gasses, so I couldn't be in my room all day.

Around midnight I came back, hoping that the toxic goo would have somehow dissapeared, but alas, it hadn't. At this point I was ready to sleep in the hall, when someone said "have you tried a plunger?". This most vacuumous of engenious contraptions, this simple yet timeless classic. And sure enough, baddabing baddaboom, swoop swoop, vacuum vacuum... Empty goofree sink! Whoever invented this miracle, I owe you greatly!

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Matrix Reloaded Sucks.

Neo has turned into Super Jehova and he's off to fight Col. Sanders in a room full of TV-screens, but not before having a chance to discuss whether or not humans have a free will. Morpheus still talks in Yodaisms, and Jada Pinkett doesn't get jiggy with it. Nobody takes off their sunglasses when they enter a room, and Safri Duo is the house band in Zion, which looks like Fraggle Rock remodeled by H.R. Giger.

Why must movie trilogies hate me? Well except Evil Dead and Godfather....

Friday, June 06, 2003

28 Days Later was surprisingly good. I don't know why it was surprising, since all my friends recommended it, it's just that it looked like a kind of high concept "what happens if we mix The Omega Man,Night of the Living Dead, and put in some Resident Evil (the game, not the movie!), just for good measure"-idea, but it worked really well. The first part was really well made: eerie, spooky, scary, at times touching, and then even more scary. The second part goes a bit over the top, but is still very spooky, it reminded me a bit of some parts of The Beach, which is only natural since the same people made it. That said, 28 Days is way better .

I'm going to see Matrix Reloaded tonight, and I'm pretty sure it's shite. I don't know why I always end up paying good money to see all those stupid blockbusters, must be some kind of cinematic masochism.

Stupid Welsh git

Someone's neglecting his blog. Silly boy!

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Stupid Weather.

It's too hot to stay in, but too cloudy to get some sun. My initial plan was to hang out in my parents' garden with a drink Club Tropicana-style, yet without the homoerotic subtext. But since the weather refuses to behave, my only option has been to hang out and listen to Jerry Cantrell's Degradation Trip in the new 2 CD edition which is actually pretty fantastic. It's one of those albums that take a while to get into, both because there are 25 songs and because it is really dark and gloomy. So in that respect it could be described as the grunge version of Nine Inch Nails' The Fragile.

Still not totally convinced by the new Durandy Warhols CD

Tonight I'll watch The Bourne Identity, because Doug Liman rules, so far at least, and 28 Days Later because it was recomended by pretty much everyone I know.

Ever since watching Donnie Brasco me and most my friends have agreed that moustaches rock, but apparently there's a right way and a terribly wrong way.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

2 things saved my day at work completely: The first thing was that I realized I could listen to Planet Rock all day. There's something about listening to old Van Halen and ZZ Top tunes that can really lift my spirits. They even played Ten Years After from the Woodstock CD which is the trippiest guitar solo ever. The second thing was the new "smokingbooth" they had installed. It was litterally a booth, about twice the size of a normal phonebooth with a huge fan in the ceiling thats sucked the smoke right out of the booth. In the middle was a specially designed ashtray with a hole in the middle where you could throw your lit cigarette in, so it wouldn't smoke like a cigarette usually does when you put it out. The instructions, yes it came with instructions, even tells you to stay in the booth for a second after you're done, just to get the smell out of you. This invention truly blew my mind, but it was pretty cool and hopefully they'll be everywhere soon.

And speaking of brilliant ideas, my new favorite word is Décapiteur d'oeuf.

Again With The Monkeys?

I have feeling there'll be quite a few posts today since I'm at my parents place, there's nothing on TV, and I'm trying to see how long I can go before I panic and start reading for my exam. Bought the new Dandy Warhol album today since it's always nice to have some new music when you've got nothing to do. And it came highly praised by both John and Kristian. I'm still a bit whelmed, but I've only heard it once, so it'll probably get better. Already miss the guitars though.

This Just In

British rocksinger sparks Scottish transfer rumours by claiming that "Lennon's on sale again".

Well, that's it really, I've got nothing to say, been working my ass of today, and will continue to do so tomorrow, so that silly joke is all I could come up with, but it probably has more truth to it than most of the other football rumours these days.

Oh, I did find this which either says something about how passionate fans can be, or how silly. I'll let you be the judge of that...

Monday, June 02, 2003

Where's Michael's Nose?

It's been a mixed weekend, a lot of fun was had, too much at times, some football was seen, Phonebooth was pretty okay and I said HI to Marc Rieper.I'm still a bit bummed that I got so extremely shitfaced, but noone seems to care much, and nothing was broken, so I guess it could have been much worse. You can't win 'em all, I guess. For now I'll be happy if I never see another beer, or atleast not until the 14th

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